The Ratio of Students to Teachers


The Education of the Youngest Students

School districts charged with providing a good education to their students must try to ensure that most of them receive the education they need, so it is a constant balancing act when it comes to hiring teachers. The youngest students are often the ones who need the most attention, but the cost of hiring more licensed educators is often out of reach for a district. Rather than let the children advance without sufficient learning, administrators have come up with a variety of ways to reach their goals with less money.

Licensed teachers are specifically educated to pass on knowledge, and they receive a salary and benefits based on their degrees and experience. For school districts that are strapped for educational resources, hiring enough licensed teachers can be difficult. Teacher’s aides have become a way to pay less for more educators in the classrooms of the youngest students, and they are often working towards their degree in education. This alleviates some of the burden schools face financially, and it gives the future teacher a chance to practice their craft under the guidance of a licensed educator.

There are school districts where it is still too expensive to hire a teacher’s aide, and they are the ones who often accept parent volunteers. Some parents work in the classrooms with students, and others take on administrative tasks to lower the cost of education in their district. It might seem impossible to educate children in this manner, but it has worked well in areas where resources are almost negligible.

The youngest students have a lot to learn, so providing them with as many educators as possible is the key to helping them grow academically. Providing aides and volunteers to help all students keep up with their class is a way to stretch funds as well as ensure children get the most education possible at any funding level.